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Expertise Acumen IntegrityExpertise Acumen IntegrityExpertise Acumen Integrity


During his time as an educator, Dr. Mendelson has served in various roles such as classroom teacher (K-12), Professor (Masters Degree and Doctoral courses), Program Chair of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Academic Program Coordinator, and ADA Compliance Liason.

Dr. Mendelson's primary area of research interest is emotional intelligence, and he has published a number of peer reviewed journal articles about this topic. He has also co-edited a book in the New Directions for Teaching and Learning series, "Social and Emotional Intelligence in Higher Education", currently in press with Jossey-Bass. 

Dr. Mendelson serves as the Director of Clinical Research for a Surgical Practice in Central Florida that focuses on robotic microsurgical procedures to mitigate chronic pain, and has published several papers as well as textbook chapters with regard to this topic.

Dr. Mendelson's work in emotional intelligence segued into research and ethical considerations with regard to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in security processes for multinational organizations as well as the use of AI in employee selection processes for employees. 

Dr. Mendelson was heavily impacted by the tragic events at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL that occurred on 2/14/2018, as he was a teacher at that school for 13 years and a graduate in their class of 1996. Since that tragedy occurred, he has been involved in School Safety activities as well as educational policy and governance. 

Dr. Mendelson holds Advanced Degrees in Psychology and IO Psychology, and has completed many hours of graduate level coursework in the field of Educational Leadership. 

Why Us?

In contemporary times, businesses have a responsibility to their shareholders, their employees, as well as the world at large. When making decisions that influence any concerned stakeholders, it is of paramount importance that business leaders employ the services of a Business Consultant who possesses acumen and integrity, Dr. Mendelson possesses and employs this unique blend of a drive for success and optimal performance accompanied by the "human touch" that is often missing in consulting today.

Attorneys often seek Expert Witnesses in order to help them formulate their case strategy or to provide expertise in a specific area. While there are many knowledgable people in this field, not many possess the expertise, acumen, and ability to present this information in easily understood terms. With approximately 2 decades as an educator, Dr. Richard A. Mendelson has the perfect mix of expertise and acumen as well as the ability to clearly communicate his knowledge and opinions to others. 


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