AFFECT Emotional Intelligence Training is designed with the adult learner in mind. The AFFECT program provides empirically driven insight, continued training and support, and an effective learning community designed to improve emotional intelligence ability for every individual!

AFFECT EMOtional intelligence process


What is AFFECT?

AFFECT is an acronym. It stands for:

A: Awareness

F: Focused

F: Facilitated

E: Education

C: Cascading

T: Training

Phase 1: Awareness

Awareness consists of a series of 2 seminar sessions. These seminars are presented by renowned thought leaders and experts in emotional intelligence. The seminars are interactive, engaging, and are run in a face to face setting. 

Phase 2: Focused Facilitated Education

This phase of the program consists of an extended (approximately 15 weeks) distance learning course experience that is completely asynchronous and involves direct communication between client and teacher through the in-course feedback tools. Unlike other emotional intelligence training programs on the market, AFFECT uses an extended timeline to keep the training and tools clients receive in the forefront of their daily practice through mindfulness and activities.  

Phase 3: Cascading Training

The Cascading Training portion of the AFFECT Emotional Intelligence Training process consists of clients learning through teaching. For example, clients who complete Phases 1 and 2 will have the opportunity to learn how to use AFFECT tools to help implement cascading, or top down, systems in their workplace. The desired result being a more emotionally aware and more emotionally intelligent group of human capital within your organization.