Dr. Mendelson is a Professor in the Graduate Psychology Department of Keiser University, based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. His teaching focuses on Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Research within the IO Psychology field. His areas of research interest include emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, diversity, and education policy/law.



Dr. Mendelson is an experienced Consultant in multiple fields. He provides research consultation to organizations in need of performing research in order to generate internal metrics, or for publication in academic and trade journals. He has experience in consulting for medical organizations, technology firms using AI for a multitude of purposes, and to large and mid-size organizations in need of organizational architecture, employee selection, and employee retention.

Expert Witness


Dr. Mendelson serves as an expert witness in cases regarding all manners of Industrial and Organizational Psychology issues including diversity, internal policy vs. practice, educational policy, and school safety. He has also provided testimony and insight to clients exploring issues related to emotional intelligence such as executive function, decision-making, stress management, and emotional labor.